The Empire State building's Observation Deck on a … [Continue Reading]

ground zero collage

There are LOTS of photos from a weekend I recently … [Continue Reading]


Hi all! It's September again, and that means … [Continue Reading]


Good morning! Even if you're not reading this … [Continue Reading]


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ground zero collage

My Trip to NYC in Photos – Part 2

Have you checked out my e-cookbook yet? Download a FREE sample here (check the product description for deets on how). Thanks for visiting! The Empire State building’s Observation Deck on a cloudy Saturday Saturday was what we dubbed our “tourist day”. While Thursday was definitely touristy with a venture into Times Square and Friday in [Read On]


My Trip to NYC in Photos – Part 1

There are LOTS of photos from a weekend I recently spent in New York, so I will do this post in two parts for each day we were there. I am sharing these mainly because we, as certified health coaches after all, checked out SO many great places and we want to pass on our [Read On]


Photoshoot Pics and #SelfCareSept!

Hi all! It’s September again, and that means #SelfCareSept in the world of Your Healthy Place! We had a great time last fall doing this month-long challenge to take some time each day doing something for yourself.


Breakfast Recipe: Vegan Bircher Muesli – GF, raw

Good morning! Even if you’re not reading this in the morning, you’ll feel like you just woke up when you whip up this dish, which actually makes a great snack or meal any time of the day. If you’re vegan or avoiding dairy, this muesli is a great option for you. Bircher muesli always drives [Read On]


5-Minute Recipe: Sweet Cashew Cream

I can’t even put into words how simple this recipe is. Don’t be scared, please! I put off making cashew cream for ages because it sounded like some fancy, new-fangled thing that would require endless hours of prep, equipment I didn’t have and add-ins I couldn’t find in my local store, and now I’m wondering [Read On]

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5-Minute Recipe: No-Bake Superfood Protein Bars – Raw, VGN, GF

Whenever one of my recipes has an annoyingly long name it’s because it’s packed so full of awesome ingredients! I promise! Even if it is annoying to say and read. I just couldn’t pick which adjective to leave out, and I promise these bars will be worth the five-word name (truth: it was reallllly hard [Read On]


You Know Your Stress Button. What’s Your DE-Stress Button?

  As we age we get to know ourselves better. Even at 15 we know more about ourselves than we did at 10, and the same at 20, 25, 30…and on it goes. In particular, we learn what our ‘sore spots’ are. Everyone has them. I have a friend who can make fun of her [Read On]