January Blog Love

It's that time again: time to show the blogosphere some loooove.

(See here, here and here for previous Blog Love posts).

It's my little way of giving back and saying thanks for the wonderful opportunity to blog my eats, thoughts and moves to you guys every weekday.

So I like to share some posts that I've enjoyed from my fellow bloggers this month.

Also, the more I blog the more bloggers I discover and so this is a great way to introduce some of the blogs I've recently added to my reading list!

Let's get started...

As usual I'll recap my top 3 posts from this month - and the top 2 were my detox posts which doesn't surprise me, seeing as it is January and a New Year, and detoxing is on most people's minds!

My 3rd most popular post was my post about the new protein powder I discovered - pumpkin seed protein! So on the whole, January readers were all about the healthy...

Here were my favourite reads from my fellow bloggers this month:

  • I'm so delighted to have found Kristine's blog, Busy But Healthy. She lives in BC like me and has a really similar approach to food, especially when it comes to sweeteners! I about died when I saw these Healthy Cinnamon Rolls - the first thing I am making once I'm done cleansing!

Copyright to BusyButHealthy.com

  • I love reading book reviews and I want to do more of them on my blog (I've reviewed One Day by David Nicholls in the past and searches for One Day still account for a lot of my search engine traffic!). I discovered Mila's blog, Lofty Appetite, a while ago and was delighted at the range of topics she covers. One of which is book reviews, and I am now in the middle of this book, Violets of March by Sarah Jio, on my Kindle having read her review for it a week or so ago.

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  • Kris is another fellow BC blogger who covers so many worthwhile topics on her blog, I Heart Wellness. You can find spiritual guidance, business tips, product reviews and yummy recipes! I had a hard time picking between her posts this month; they're all fab, but I guess because I'm cleansing I really have my eye on healthy treats and these blueberry lemon muffins look delightful. They're grain-free so will work with a lot of different cleanses, so have at 'em!

Copyright to iheartwellness.com

  • Katie at Healthy Diva Eats is one of the first bloggy friends I made when I joined the blogosphere, and her blog is the perfect escape for some fun, fitness, food and fashion! I really appreciated this post from her this month, though, about avoiding falling into the typical comparison trap. She's absolutely right - there are times in life when everyone around you seems to be hitting certain milestones, whether in your personal life, in the blogosphere, or anywhere - and you feel as though you need to keep up and start stressing about it. Heck, right now I have a ton of friends in serious relationships, many of whom are getting engaged, and I'm still single! But although that can quickly stress you out, you need to really take a deep breath and remember not to compare. I'll stop talking now because Katie says it so much better than I can and so succinctly too in this post.

Copyright to HealthyDivaEats.com

  • The girls at Naturally Sweet Recipes brought out another killer recipe this month - you've all heard of cooking desserts using beans by now, right? No? Well, get on this bandwagon! Although I am pretty much torturing myself looking at ANYthing chocolate while I'm detoxing, I couldn't resist a peek at these Chocolate Black Bean Cookies. They look...sooo...good...

Copyright to naturallysweetrecipes.blogspot.com

  • I love Sara's blog's style - I've told her this before, but it's just so HER. I absolutely know there's no one else out there with a blog (My Less Serious Life) like Sara's, and that's why I love it! She blogs her eats, her fashion and her thoughts, and this post was one I really appreciated. She really took charge of her resolutions this year and did something completely out of her comfort zone, and I loved reading about it! Check it out :).

Copyright to mylessseriouslife.blogspot.com

  • Major congrats need to go out to one of my favourite recipe creators - Ari at The Diva Dish. I didn't want to tell her this, because I'm sure she's heard it from everyone, but I really have a sixth sense when it comes to big events in people's lives, and I knew way back when it had been a few days longer than usual since her last blog post that it was because she was pregnant. I really did, I swear! But I waited for her to announce it herself and it's a great read - so major congrats to Ari and read about her fantastic news here!

Copyright to thediva-dish.com

  • Brittany at Itty Bits of Balance is another blogger I discovered recently, and I love reading about her eats, her workouts and her adorable pup Popcorn (try saying pup Popcorn 3 times fast ;)). In the true spirit of January, I've really enjoyed reading about her Bodyrock 30-day Challenge, and this was Post #1. If you want some workout inspiration, hit up Brittany's blog! She also whips up some fantastic looking salads too :).

Copyright to ittybitsofbalance.com

  • You can always rely on Angela at Oh She Glows for fabulous, healthy recipes. I don't think I've ever seen any other blogger's name pop up so often throughout the blogosphere ("I'm making an Oh She Glows dinner tonight!" is a common tweet I see in my feed). She never fails and I was super thrilled with this post, for her Oh Mega Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies & Green Superfood Monster. I have been relying on green monsters throughout this cleanse, but even more importantly, those delicious-looking breakfast cookies are allowed on my cleanse! (Provided I sub in gluten-free flour for the wholewheat pastry flour). Nothing could have me more excited at the moment - so enjoy...!

Copyright to ohsheglows.com

  • And last but not least, another BC girl (I swear I'm not biased!!), Char at Char's Kitchen, posted the recipe that made my MONTH! Seriously, I love this recipe so much that I had gone to bed and remembered I hadn't included it, so got out of bed to come back and put it into the blog post, that's how much I love it. Yeah, no joke. My FAVOURITE sushi in the world is a yam and avocado sushi roll. And guess what recipe Char released to the blogosphere on January 3rd? Yup. Yam and Avocado Sushi.

Copyright to charskitchen.ca

See you next month for another Blog Love feature!


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