Healthy Breakfast Challenge Update!

How has the Healthy Breakfast Challenge been going for everyone??

We have been having some major fun here. My roommates and I enjoyed a baked pumpkin French toast casserole, a la Chocolate Covered Katie, on the weekend. I used xylitol and stevia to sweeten and my non-veggie, regular-eating roomies didn't even detect the different sweeteners or the tofu used. It was a hit!

Yeah, it didn't come out too cleanly, but it tasted great...

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To be honest, I didn't taste the pumpkin that much, so I would say you could quite easily make it without - perhaps up the other sauce ingredients a bit, or not. However pumpkin does provide a fantastic array of nutrients so you could do the opposite and try increasing it to 1 cup of pumpkin for the recipe. I haven't tried this but let me know if you do!

Thanks to everyone for sharing the news about the challenge - Elle, Annie, SaraKarey - and for all of you for participating! Some of you have been great about sending in your breakfast pics regularly, using the hashtag #healthybreakfastchallenge - if submitting on Twitter - and I have loved seeing all of your posts; they have definitely given me inspiration for quality breakfasts!

And because so many of you live on-the-go lifestyles there are some great ideas in here for healthy rushed breakfasts too. So take a peek at what you guys have been enjoying...

Clare at Flake and Cake has had a variety of breakfasts over this past week!

Courtesy of Flake and Cake

- Yogurt and fruit when in a rush

Courtesy of Flake and Cake

- Oats with yogurt and berries when there's a bit more time to cook at home

Elle at We Can Begin to Feed cooked up some delicious and healthy concoctions, like:

Courtesy of We Can Begin to Feed

- Banana protein cake with yogurt and fresh blackberries picked locally in BC

Courtesy of We Can Begin to Feed

- Flourless protein pancakes with cooked apple and yogurt

Courtesy of We Can Begin to Feed

- Quinoa with yogurt and peach slices canned in spring water - all in a Tupperware for on-the-go nutrition!

Courtesy of We Can Begin to Feed

- Oats with protein powder, cinnamon, yogurt, berries and hemp hearts

Courtesy of We Can Begin to Feed

- Eggs on sauteed veggies with half a fresh pair

Karey at Nutty About Health came up with some droolworthy dishes:

Courtesy of Nutty About Health

- Strawberry French toast with chocolate peanut butter and sugar free syrup

Courtesy of Nutty About Health

- Chocolatey peanut butter pancakes

Courtesy of Nutty About Health

- Stacked French toast with bananas, chocolate peanut butter and turkey bacon on the side

Nadja (on Twitter here) sent in some breakfasts also:

- Oats with a mashed banana

- Amazing breakfast smoothie with banana, lemon juice, orange and apple

- Baked apple filled with ground hazelnuts and a little lemon juice

- Oats with sliced-up orange

Lucie at Fit Swiss Chick sent in:

Courtesy of Fit Swiss Chick

- Oatmeal with banana, cinnamon and almond milk

Courtesy of Fit Swiss Chick

- Blueberry protein cream made with 100g lowfat Greek yogurt, 1 scoop Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder, 1 T stevia, dash of cinnamon and nutmeg

Courtesy of Fit Swiss Chick

Sara at My Less Serious Life sent over her breakfast cereal mix:

Courtesy of My Less Serious Life

- Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs with All Bran, sliced banana and cow's milk

I'm so impressed with how much variety and creativity you all have with coming up with healthy breakfasts. I can't wait to continue to see what you come up with as the holidays draw nearer. Remember that breakfast fuels us for the day so starting off with a healthy one is always key!

If any of you have any concerns about your health or diet please drop me a line! I'm still studying so can't coach anyone yet but I would love just to try to help in any way I can!

And remember - if you want to participate, info is all here.

Keep those Challenge pics coming in now...and I will link this post up to Healthy Diva Eats' Marvelous in My Monday link party!

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